Wednesday 15 July 2020 
Meeting Number 2031

This may not be the shortest report to the Club that I ever do, however there is a lot to report on.
The Changeover went as well as could have been expected, well almost if I had read the Agenda.
John finished on a high note especially in the way he presented the awards.
He had been speaking to Coddy during the week and organised for a few to go to the Codd’s for the Changeover. From where John was sitting he said the look on Peter's face when it was announced he had received his second PHF Sapphire was priceless.
Needless to say that after 10 years as Secretary (2 x 5yr terms), and a huge input into the Club, it was well deserved.
Equally as surprised was Gary Clark when he was announced as the Rotarian of The Year. Again a well-deserved recognition for great input into our Club.
Ray Robilliard’s generous donation of a $100 Bunnings Voucher for an in Club Raffle has turned into nearly $700. Thank you Ray.
Pam Hook was the lucky winner, and promptly donated it back to the Club to go towards future projects.
Perhaps it was fitting that the winner on the second prize, a bottle of wine from the Codd cellar, was also won by Pam!
From a personal point of view it was lovely to see many friends from the Torquay Rotary Club.
We must also remember that several of our members have experienced personal tragedies and hardships. It was lovely to see Peter, Paul and Greg all in attendance. It brought a smile to my face.
Trish and I were lucky enough to have DG Phil and Judy come to our home. It certainly added a more personal touch to the Changeover. Unfortunately Phil’s watch was not working, that is judging by the look on his face when Judy said its 11.30 we better go home.
Still the company was good as were the Reds.
                                                                                                       Rotary Welcomes International President 2020 - 2021
President David Changeover 2020
Holger Knaak’s  2020-2021 Rotary Theme
Rotary Opens Opportunities
In the current climate, I feel we need to grasp the Opportunity to Strengthen and improve the involvement of our current members in this Club. First and foremost we need to look after each other.
The following Opportunities exist for us in the coming year:-
1/ Rebadge with new promotional material better reflecting our Club.
2/ To look at Community Service work that involves the youth of the area. Through the schools and in conjunction with Rotaract if possible.
If we get more involved through the schools perhaps the families will see what we do.
If this does not help increase our membership, perhaps it will increase the number of people who are prepared to help us.
3/ To have a year of consolidation. To strengthen the resolve and input of our members. Too many are using the current Covid-19 situation as an excuse not to input into the club, and not attend Zoom meetings. We need to resolve this problem.
Despite regular emails and an Informative Bulletin over the last year, the communication from members has not been good. The Art of Responding, even with a Thanks, OR Thumbs up has been lost.
4/ President Elect. There exists a great opportunity for one of two members to step up and Say “I Will Do It”
Without a President we have no Future.
6 members have never been President, for many varied reasons.
Perhaps share a year with someone. Either 6 months each or a Joint year where you both help each other during the year.
Do the year by yourself with a Mentor, a Past Pres who is there to step in and help and guide you.
Please give it some thought and speak to me.
You need to want to grasp this Opportunity.
Rotary might open the Doors to Opportunity, BUT if you shut the door the Opportunity may well disappear.
5/ Above all the Opportunity exists to
Think outside of The Box.
Zoom has opened up a whole new thought process.
We can all get together without leaving home.
Guest speakers can join us from the comfort of their home
A joint meeting as we have done in the past with Torquay, Belmont and Highton.
Why can’t we do this with another Club in the District, outside of the Geelong Region? It may open our eyes to the problems occurring outside of Geelong. Imagine the pleasure it would give us if we can help them out.
Yes Rotary Opens Opportunities, we just have to be game enough to make the most of them.
I look forward to everyone’s input this year.
DG Phil Beasley Areas of Focus 2020-2021


Develop a relationship with another Club in the District, outside of our designated group;

 Invite the sister Club to join a meeting by Zoom - Arrange a weekend visit;

 Mutually support each other through functions, activities and joint projects.

 Financially support the Rotary Foundation through Club and personal giving. Current levels of contributions are severely impacting future District Grant and Scholarship funding.

 Focus on Member Welfare and Friendship—helping ourselves (each other) before we focus on others;

 Next focus is Our Communities—reach out to find what’s needed;

 Take the opportunity to reset your Club goals—involve all members;

 Remember the “Big R” of Rotary by partnering with other clubs—locally and across the District. Together we can do more.

R100 Baton Relay
Lesley's Report
It’s a special time. Rotary in Australia and NZ celebrates the First 100 years of Service in 2021.
In 1921, four Rotary Clubs were created in Melbourne, Auckland, Wellington and Sydney. From there, Rotary and Rotaract clubs were created everywhere across Australia and NZ. We all share a centenary in 2021.
One of many events planned is the R100 Baton Relay – the idea is/was: The R100 Baton Relay is an event to connect all Rotary Clubs across Australia and NZ with their communities. Imagine Rotarians, local personalities, Councillors, community leaders, community groups and everyday people carrying the baton of service and passing it forward.
The Baton Relay launch was held yesterday at noon – virtually. It was attended by 882 people from all over Australia – and even Madu from India!  It was a gala performance and if anything showcased the amazing use of technology. The MC was located in Melbourne. The launch was by the Governor General Mr Hurley in Canberra. Leo Sayer performed from Government House, but Nicholas Jones, tenor with Opera Australia sang from Sydney and Josh Pitaman ( Phantom of the Opera) was in London. Alex Hawke (Minister for International Development & the Pacific) spoke from his home (somewhere in NSW!). The baton was handed by the President of the RC of Sydney to the President of the RC of Melbourne – virtually!
A video R100 – Rotary Give every child a future was shown – we should try to include it in a Zoom meeting. A recording of the Baton launch will be available I believe.
For further information re the R100 celebrations go to:-
Birthdays and Anniversaries July 2020
Sunday 5 July - Debbie Vernon 
Tuesday 7 July - Christine Howard
Wednesday 8 July - Joan Clark
Monday 13 July - Don Lester
We wish you all a very happy birthday!
No anniversaries found
Joe Cordone - 40 years - July 1 1980
 Graeme Saddington - 29 years - July 1 1991
 Jordan Bryson - 4 years - July 1 2016
Well done and best wishes to you all!
Everyone dies but not everyone lives
NEXT WEEK - Wed 15 July 2020
NEXT WEEK   Wednesday 15 July Meeting   No ZOOM Meeting
The Grovedale Hotel has agreed to let us meet there on this coming Wednesday 15 July @ 6.15 for a 6.30 pm start.
We will have 2 tables of 10.
Once seated you are not to roam around.
There will be full table service. In other words you will order your meals and drinks from the staff. 
They are happy to accommodate us and split the bill. I must thank Phil for organizing this.
Please let David know if you are coming. You can even turn up on the night! BUT ONLY 20 PEOPLE!
Email David   Text David   Call David if you will attend.
Important information
Enter through the main front entrance - side carpark.
There is a host station there.
You will need to provide your name and phone number.
You will also need ID verifying your address, so take your licence.
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