Lesley's Report
It’s a special time. Rotary in Australia and NZ celebrates the First 100 years of Service in 2021.
In 1921, four Rotary Clubs were created in Melbourne, Auckland, Wellington and Sydney. From there, Rotary and Rotaract clubs were created everywhere across Australia and NZ. We all share a centenary in 2021.
One of many events planned is the R100 Baton Relay – the idea is/was: The R100 Baton Relay is an event to connect all Rotary Clubs across Australia and NZ with their communities. Imagine Rotarians, local personalities, Councillors, community leaders, community groups and everyday people carrying the baton of service and passing it forward.
The Baton Relay launch was held yesterday at noon – virtually. It was attended by 882 people from all over Australia – and even Madu from India!  It was a gala performance and if anything showcased the amazing use of technology. The MC was located in Melbourne. The launch was by the Governor General Mr Hurley in Canberra. Leo Sayer performed from Government House, but Nicholas Jones, tenor with Opera Australia sang from Sydney and Josh Pitaman ( Phantom of the Opera) was in London. Alex Hawke (Minister for International Development & the Pacific) spoke from his home (somewhere in NSW!). The baton was handed by the President of the RC of Sydney to the President of the RC of Melbourne – virtually!
A video R100 – Rotary Give every child a future was shown – we should try to include it in a Zoom meeting. A recording of the Baton launch will be available I believe.
For further information re the R100 celebrations go to:- https://www.rotary100downunder.com/