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Rotary International President - Ray Riseley
District 9780 Governor -
Anthony Ohlsen

Rotary Club of Grovedale Waurn Ponds.

President - Greg Cooke.
Meeting Number 1955

Sep 12, 2018



Rotarian Duties

Chair for Meetings. 

19 Sept Don Lester

Monday 24 Sept Belmont Rotary Club

Guests and Upcoming Meetings


  • 19th Sept Getting to know Erik Schuh and Committee meetings

  • Monday 26th Sept Geelong RSL. Belmont Rotary to host Footy Colours night.

Members survey -  what did we say?
Paul provided the summary below of the results of the recent members survey.  
We had 22 club members return their answers to our survey request and this is a majority of Club members and therefore the results will be upheld by the Board. With so many members voting we received lots of different opinions - which is great - and everybodys' opinions are valued.  Our main objective is to try to make the Club more inviting to new members and an awesome sustainable club in the future.  Here are some of the results:
1/ How well do you enjoy our meetings?
14 Good-            
 7  Very Good     
What we don’t like are:
1/ Kitchen making so much noise when they are cleaning up.
2/ Meetings and reports not quick enough.
3/ Members talking during reports
4/ Some members moving into larger lounge after meals.
5/ Not enough Projects.
6/ Meetings not organised.
7/ Meetings to regimented.
8/ Some meals and guest speakers.
What we do like:
1/ Fellowship
2/ Guest speakers
3/Variety of speakers
4/ Fine session.
5/ Vocational visits to workplaces.
6/ Projects we do.
7/ Sitting next to a different member each week.
2/ Happy moving main Club meetings to 2nd & 4th weeks of the month.
14 members voted – yes
7 members voted -   no
1 member undecided 
Two meetings a month may be more attractive for new members. The other meetings are optional . We will still be having a social meeting on the first week and on the 3rd week will be our planning night (previously Club Assembly) and if there is a 5th week in the month we will discuss this.
3/ Most members were very happy to promote our Club in a very good way, again the idea that we meet at a retirement home came up but why can’t we tell them the address without mentioning Rice Village.
4/ Our venue is still very well received as a meeting venue
13 members voting very good,
8 voting good and
1 undecided.
5/ Meals received a variety of votes and we are in the process of talking to the kitchen so we keep up the good results.
6/ The size of meals received good results as well and those who cannot eat the whole meal please don’t feel guilty if you cannot eat it all.
7A/ Do we drop the toast at the start of the meeting? 
14 members voting yes and
6 against.
7B/ Do we drop the fines session?
14 members voted no and
 5 members voted yes so the fine session stays but we may streamline it a little.
8/ Would Club members like to be able to vote for Rotarian of the year?  
15 members voting yes and
7 members voting no but the final choice will stay with the President,
9/ The choice of trimming the Committees from 6 to 4 was voted in. 
21 members voting yes and
1 voting no.
This will enable more members to be on committees with us then being able to choose a Deputy to help when the Director is absent.
10/ Communication from the Board regarding information on Board voting, who we donate our money to or anything that influences the Club is not reported as good as it could. So we will work to inform all Club members  of any outcomes from these meetings.
11/ Do you feel pressured to attend meetings?
20 members voted no,
2 voting yes,
12/ Do you feel pressured to volunteer for fundraising events?
17 members voted no and
5 voted yes.
No member should feel pressured. Sometimes we are under the pump to fill spots. If you do not want to help there is no problem.
13/ With our Fundraising activities do you think our mix is right?
Due to the answers on this we really need to have a big discussion as the votes went this way,
11 members think it was just right, 8 members think we do too much and 2 members feel we do not do enough. The main consideration was the Aldi BBQ, do we keep it going? This is a discussion for another night.
14/How often do you read the bulletin?
17 members advised weekly and
4 advised fortnightly.
15/ What part of the bulletin is most useful.
Upcoming events won out but most areas of the bulletin were looked at.
16/ The Bulletin being published on the 2nd & 4th weeks.
11 members were ok with this,
7 members want weekly.
17/ 11 members have said they will help supply Information for the bulletin, and 8 said no, so look forward bigger and more informative bulletins in the future.
18/ Anyone wanting to be President elect 2019? Most of the Club said no - but there was some interest. So you will have to wait and see.
19/Comments about running the Club. We had a few varied ideas and these will be looked at by the Board.
Thank you all for your input to the survey. Please don’t be upset if things you voted for were not taken up but we are hoping the things decided on are going to help build the Club from strength to strength.
A big thank you to Peter C for putting the survey together and thank you to Christine for collating all the answers so we could have it ready for our meeting last Wednesday night.
General Update 
Dinner Auction Update: 12th October. Taking donations now - won't be long until the Dinner Auction is upon us.  So please start seeking donations from anyone or any businesses you can think of. Also start thinking about guests to invite. Price is around $70.00 all inclusive. 
News Flash!!! There has been a change of venue for the Dinner Auction. St Joesph’s Football Club have kindly donated their rooms free of charge. More news on the Auction coming up.  Watch this space.
New Rotary Table Cloths.
New Rotary Table Cloths.  Thanks go to Westpac Bank West Geelong for donating these table cloths.  They are really trestle table covers which can be used at many functions including our BBQs. They look fantastic and are a great Rotary promotional tool.  Thanks to Christine Howard for organising this.
Canola Flowering Festival.
Canola Flowering Festival.  Don Lester mentioned that the ‘Canola Flowering Festival’ is on 14th-15th October.  Don was seeking feedback from members as to what assistance we could provide at the festival. The proceeds of the festival go to help the local farmers. Let Don know if you think Rotary could assist and if you are keen to help out in some way.
Barwon Health Patient Transport (BHPT)
Last week we had the pleasure of hearing all about the fantastic work that Barwon Health Patient Transport does in the community. Zoe Waters explained that the program operates 364 days of the year. The service picks patients up from their home and takes them to their medical appointments.  Many go to hospital for things like dialysis treatment and to the Andrew Love Cancer Centre.  These people have no other way of getting to their appointments – so they rely on this special service.  BHPT operate 5 vehicles but only have four on the road at the moment due to funding issues.  Unfortunately, patients have to be prioritised because of this.  It costs approximately $10,000 per year to operate each of the cars.  They are driven by a group of dedicated volunteers.  We heard some terrific stories from the drivers and the patients about the importance of the service and how it is appreciated in the community.  The service was started by West Geelong Rotary and 13 clubs in the Geelong area have been contributing to the operational costs.  Lesley Goode will contact West Geelong Rotary to get an update on this project and to see if the Geelong and district clubs can be contacted to seek ongoing support assistance for this project.
Geelong Lutheran College (GLC) Vanuatu Trip Report.
Pastor David Spike and Year 11 Students – Lachlan Jarrat, Sophie Richmond and Gemma Hayden presented a report on the 2018 GLC Vanuatu Trip.  They were very passionate about what they had experienced and very appreciative of our support. The students fund themselves and the money donated by organisations like GWP Rotary goes directly to projects in the field.  Last year we donated money for a chicken coup and the group were able to report that the chickens have been busy laying eggs and they are now being sold to support some children to attend school.  (from little things big things grow). This year our donation funded some tables and stools for one of the local primary schools. The group also helped paint part of a hospital.  Lachlan, Sophie and Gemma shared with us lots of stories of their experience and said that another group will be going again next year.
Meeting Attendance. 
Remember to inform  RICE VILLAGE  by Tuesday prior to the meeting if not attending. to stop food waste and the unnecessary  effort our  volunteers. check blue book!!!!!!!!!!!!! or use the app  ;)
Upcoming BBQs
Sat 15th Sept Aldi
Thurs 20th Sept Bunnings
Thurs, 11th Oct Bunnings
Sat 13th Oct Aldi 
 Thurs15th Nov Bunnings
Sat 17th Nov Aldi 
Thurs 13th Dec, Bunnings
Contact Bob Arnup (BBQ Bob) if you can help out.
Reminders for your Calendar.


Dinner Auction Friday 12th October - Hold this date. 


Remember to inform  RICE VILLAGE when not attending meetings, to stop food waste and the effort volunteers.

Membership Milestones Sep 2018
Wayne Renfrey 9 Sep
Graham Perkins 14 Sep
David Carlyle 26 Sep
Val Arnup 29 Sep
Ninetta and Joe Cordone 55 years 5 Sep
Jenny and John McGibbon  30 years 17 Sep
 Date Joined Rotary
Peter Codd 15 years 16 Sep
Ray Robilliard 48 years 25 Sep