At the Board Meeting last week Peter Codd mentioned that he and Lyn are taking some tools to Buchan to place in a Tool Library they have set up for people who have lost belongings etc as a result of the fires in January. Buchan had over 20 houses destroyed, and many farmers had sheds, stock and fencing destroyed. Lyn and Peter lived in Buchan from 1980 - 1984.
A very good friend who has 'downsized' from his place in Ocean Grove to Armstrong Green at Warralily, has provided some of his old gear such as hammers, power drills, tapes, hand saws, shovel, hoe, pinchbar, bolts, etc.
If anyone has some gear they no longer require could they please let Peter know and/or deliver them to him by Tuesday 10 November:  
       7 Sadean Place Grovedale   
       Peter  0417 336 815   
       Lyn  0418 350 633
Thanks for your help in advance!