2014 -15:
Club members continued to give generously to Rotary Foundation through The Centurion Programme, each member contributing $100 via weekly meetings. Further funds have also been raised at regular Aldi BBQs throughout the year from donations from passing public and customers.
Additional contributions have been made by individual Club members and some fines sessions designated specifically for Foundation.
The major project for the past year was the introduction of a 'Gifting Programme',  with work being done to identify and address the various components of the scheme in order to formulate it for public presentation.
This programme works by individuals making a donation to Rotary Foundation on behalf of another person instead of giving a traditional gift.  The recipient then receives a card from the Club indicating this donation has been made in place of the usual 'concrete' gift.  Although obviously used for Christmas gifts, it is envisaged that its use will extend to gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or as remembrances of people who have died, instead of flowers.  The system has been used on a trial basis within our club throughout the year, with individual members and the Club making such donations on behalf of those who have been married and to the families of those who have died from amongst us, in addition to some use of the programme between members last Christmas.
The Board has allocated funds for the design and printing of leaflets so that the Gifting Programme  can be advertised in the community shortly, and in time to take advantage of the coming Christmas gift giving season for its implementation.  Consultations with the printer are in progress at present.
2015 - 16:
The Gifting Programme will initially operate from our Club but efforts will be made to encourage other Clubs to adopt the programme, as we see potential for success at District level.
Later in the year it is intended to investigate the possibility of initiating a 
Workplace Giving Scheme, seeking to encourage regular donations to Rotary Foundation from employees at some of Geelong's many businesses, through employee payrolls.  This is seen as a possible source of reliable and continuous donations to Rotary Foundation as well as helping to raise Rotary's profile in the community and awareness of the organisation's operation.