Proposed Water Project - Philippines
At the Board Meeting last week the sum of $2000 was proposed as the GWP donation towards the possible costs of a water project in the Philippines. This would enable a group of Rotary Clubs in the Geelong area to apply for a global grant to fund the provision of safe drinking water to schools using Skyhydrant units.
The Skyhydrant units will be installed at each school, including installation materials such as piping and fittings. Local communities provide the required labour  and local Rotary Clubs are the focal point for interaction between all parties. A member of the community is designated as the "operator" of the equipment and will be responsible for the maintenance program established for each location.
The objective of the project is to reduce water-borne diseases and illnesses in the student population caused by the ingestion of untreated water. It is well known that these diseases are the cause of most of the school absenteeism in children.
What an exciting project! Let's hope other Clubs offer their support!