A number of topics are covered in the last DG Newsletter which perhaps require our attention.
Rosanne mentions the Bendigo Bank Drought Appeal which was mentioned in last week's Bulletin. Should we assist those farmers in strife with a donation - through RAWCS or the Bank?
There is also mention of the Bushfire Relief for Queensland - again through RAWCS - Rotary Australia World Community Service. Google RAWCS for other possible projects!
The Club has received information about the Papua New Guinea Project from Warrnambool Club. They are working on a number of projects to provide water for villagers and schools in Oro Province, and provide and distribute humanitarian aid materials, feminine hygiene products, teaching materials books and sports equipment to remote schools. This project is a partnership of 7 Rotary Clubs and other organisations. Do we want to show interest in this?
Rotary Friendship Exchange. GWP has an opportunity to host or share host 2 teams from the USA in 2020. D 5060 is in Washington State and BC in Canada. D 5970 is in Iowa USA. Normally the teams visit for 2 weeks with 10 - 12 people in each and stay with Rotarians and visit their District and their Rotary Clubs. Again - any interest?
Please take a moment to peruse the Newsletter - there is plenty of good reading.