Wednesday 11 November 2020 

Meeting # 2046     7.00pm

ID = 771 008 4602   P/CODE = 47Wb15

All members and partners welcome

Once again I would like to thank the Board for their input on Wednesday night. It makes my job easy when I receive the tremendous input from all Committees.
Add to this the fact that they are also helping each other with ideas.

We also had the pleasure of DG Phil’s company. It is always valuable to have the input from someone outside the club. A different perspective so to speak.

There is no doubt the Art of Communication is nothing like it used to be.

People do not reply to texts or emails. They just assume you can read their mind.

If they do reply, you generally have to wait a day or two, or even up to week for a reply. How hard is it to reply Ok, or give the thumbs up, or even N/A.

Good old fashioned Courtesy is what I would call it.

None of this helps, if you are trying to organize an event or outing. Do you assume that they are indeed attending or helping? 

This would be the positive approach. But alas they are more than likely not attending or helping?

The funny thing is that if you assume this, and leave them out they are the first ones to become disgruntled.

These same people do not read the information you send out. “I didn’t know that. Why wasn’t I included”? is their catch phrase.

Trust me this is just not Rotary, it is in all walks of life.

I still find the tried and tested way of a phone call, gives the best result. You usually get greeted with “Oh Yea I was going to reply, just haven’t got around to it”.

If we all tried a little harder to improve our Communication, it would certainly take some of stress out of day to day life.

Will people give the Art of Communication (Courtesy) more thought? 

Time will tell.

On Wednesday 11th November at 7pm it is DG Phil Beasley's official visit. Judy will also be speaking on the Indigenous Literacy Project.

This has always been a well attended night with many partners in attendance. There is no reason that your partner can not also attend, just simply sit further back from your screen. A little extra attention to presentation would be appreciated.

I will be on Zoom from 6.50pm.

At the Board Meeting last week Peter Codd mentioned that he and Lyn are taking some tools to Buchan to place in a Tool Library they have set up for people who have lost belongings etc as a result of the fires in January. Buchan had over 20 houses destroyed, and many farmers had sheds, stock and fencing destroyed. Lyn and Peter lived in Buchan from 1980 - 1984.
A very good friend who has 'downsized' from his place in Ocean Grove to Armstrong Green at Warralily, has provided some of his old gear such as hammers, power drills, tapes, hand saws, shovel, hoe, pinchbar, bolts, etc.
If anyone has some gear they no longer require could they please let Peter know and/or deliver them to him by Tuesday 10 November:  
       7 Sadean Place Grovedale   
       Peter  0417 336 815   
       Lyn  0418 350 633
Thanks for your help in advance!
Some notes from the Board Meeting held on Wednesday 4 November.
DG Phil, Peter Codd and Don Lester were guests. Jan was an apology.
David will draw up some guidelines regarding the BJ Rogers/ Rotarian of the Year Award.
Fireside chats for new members are to be held on Tuesday 10 November.
Lift the Lid on Mental Health- Hat Night raised $375 for Australian Rotary Health.
The Community Service Committee is investigating a proposal to distribute treats to residents in local Aged Care Facilities, instead of our normal Christmas gift giving, which has been cancelled due to COVID restrictions.
Contributions to both Grovedale College and Geelong Lutheran College for student awards will again be made.
Christmas function. No final decision can be made until the lifting of restrictions allows greater numbers at the local hotels. It has been suggested that we have an informal function - spit roast or BBQ - using the woolshed at either of one of our members.
January Meetings. 6 January - No Meeting     13 January - Social Night     20 January - Board Meeting     27 January - Joint Meeting with Torquay Rotary Club
President David will be the Club Delegate to the District AGM on Sunday 15 November.
A small committee is to be set up to discuss a Lotto Fundraising proposal from Lyn and Peter Codd.
DG Phil then discussed the Health Check which had been submitted by the Club Board in September.
Next Meeting:   Wednesday 2 December 2020
At this stage it is hoped that we may have our first BBQ at Aldi Waurn Ponds on Saturday 14 November.
This is dependent on the application for a credit card machine being available.
Gary will be asking for volunteers to work as soon as the machine has been provided by the Bank.
Please make yourself available when asked, as we need to start fundraising again!
Bunnings have replied to a request from Gary re the start up of BBQs there. At this stage they will only be held on weekends, but our name has been included for week days when the situation changes.
Sunday 1 November - Lindsay Dixon
Monday 16 November - Ninetta Cordone
We wish you both a very happy birthday!
Lyn and Peter Codd - 45 years - 22 November
Lindy and Don Lester - 39 years - 25 November 
Denise and Mick Sheean - 47 years - 30 November
Congratulations to you all!
Lindsay Dixon - 26 years - 1 November
Don Lester - 39 years - 1 November
Ashwin Marfatia - 29 years - 1 November
Greg Cooke - 10 years - 10 November
Paul Desbrowe-Annear - 24 years
Well done everyone!
Wednesday 11 November
DG Phil Beasley - Official District Governor's visit
Judy Beasley - Indigenous Literacy Project
Wednesday 18 November
Committee Meetings (organized by Directors)
Wednesday 25 November
Annual General Meeting
Guest speaker - Rotary Foundation - Michelle Van Liessum
Wednesday 2 December
Board Meeting
Wednesday 9 December
Club Christmas Social Function
There is nothing better than the encouragement of a good friend.
By Katharine Butler Hathaway
The Rotary Foundation was established over 100 years ago and has spent more than $4 billion on life changing, sustainable projects, changing lives both close to home and around the world.
Grovedale Waurn Ponds Rotary Club has been a very strong supporter of the Foundation since the Club started,
In recent years members have been extremely generous in their donations, both personally and including the Centurion fund. This has been $2 per member from the Dinner Meeting charges when we have met physically.
Members have not been contributing to Foundation due to COVID-19 restrictions. 
It has been suggested that members might consider donating $10 per month or the total amount of $100 at once. Such donations would be optional and should be directed to the Club through our Bank Account. Please contact Ken if you need any assistance.
It would be terrific if we can continue our contribution to all the worthy projects funded by the Rotary Foundation.
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