Wednesday 4 November 2020 

Meeting # 2045     7.15pm

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BOARD MEETING - All welcome

Sorry I was missing in action last week, fair to say family always comes first.
It was disappointing that I could not hear our guest speaker Toni Arfaras from the Stroke Foundation. From all accounts she was excellent.
What is Rotary to you?
For me it was the opportunity to give back to the community. A chance to do something other than work. But it is so much more than that. It is really about the friendships you form.  I know that without those friendships I would probably have left years ago.
I am not just talking about the people you sit with at  weekly meetings, or those you have formed endearing friendships with. It is more about those who are in the background. The ones that when the going gets tough, and perhaps you just need to talk to someone. They are there on the phone.
This has been particularly important for me over the last few months with Trish in and out of Hospital. I have had calls from people I have not seen or heard from for years. To all of you I say thanks.
This is what we all need to do in these tough times. Everyone needs to talk to someone. If you have not heard from a Fellow Rotarian, friend and most importantly a family member, pick up the phone and call them. Share a drink or a meal or simply see a smiling face. Zoom, facetime, messenger and a host of other formats are great for this.
Above all - Do Not Be A Stranger.
I would like to thank President David, the Board and the Membership for the generosity shown me on achieving the 50 year membership mark (in Rotary).
Members have phoned, cards have arrived. Be assured such acts of kindness and friendship are appreciated; a Rotary hall mark.
I am fortunate that good health has enabled such a length of Rotary service.
With thanks
Ray Robiliard
OUR GUEST SPEAKER - Toni Arfaras - Stroke Foundation
Toni gave those present last week a tremendous insight into her experiences with both TIAs (warning sign/mini stroke) and a stroke, which have severely affected her since she suffered the stroke at the age of 46 whilst on holiday. To the audience she did not appear to have suffered any disabilities as a result, but she told us about her loss of ability to read, drive, work, cope with maths and knitting. The stroke has affected her on her left side - she is unable to drink alcohol has even half a glass leads to numbness on that side 0f her body.
What is a stroke?
This occurs when brain cells are affected by the loss of blood. About 475,000 are now affected by strokes in Australia - partners, families, friends, employees - with 65% left with an ongoing disability which depends on which part of the brain is affected. 
It is the biggest killer in Australia - more than breast cancer or prostate cancer, with one person suffering a stroke every 9 minutes in 2020.
We heard about the STROKE AMBULANCE which is located at the Royal Melbourne Hospital to service patients in a 10 Km radius from the hospital. This is a specialist team with equipment and medication to assist with treatment which is time critical. Ideally this should be made available to patients within a 4 - 5 hour time frame.
Symptoms of a stroke are remembered thus: F = face - any drooping? A = arms and fingers (inability to keep steady) S = Speech T = Time (call 000 immediately)
Transport to hospital by ambulance and admission to Stroke Centre team may alleviate the severity of any disability if given treatment (clot medication) quickly. Geelong Hospital has such a team available.
Observe the following - diet, salt intake, blood pressure, regular doctor visits, cholestrol, smoking, limit alcohol, exercise

During November Toni is aiming to raise funds for the Stroke Foundation by walking 100 Km with a group of friends.
It would be great if those interested could offer her some support. 
The link is as follows:
Thank you very much Toni for speaking to us - we greatly appreciated you time and enthusiasm for the subject.
As part of the preparation for the possible BBQs to be held at Aldi Waurn Ponds, Phil David, Parko and Gary set up our tent and trailer down at Perkos.
This was a rehearsal or test to see if our existing Rotary tentfit ted over the front of the trailer with the door up and access to the BBQ and trailer maintained.
The test was successful and now we need to pick a Saturday that we will have an Aldi BBQ.
This will be discussed at the Board meeting this week.
Sunday 1 November - Lindsay Dixon
Monday 16 November - Ninetta Cordone
We wish you both a very happy birthday!
Lyn and Peter Codd - 45 years - 22 November
Lindy and Don Lester - 39 years - 25 November 
Denise and Mick Sheean - 47 years - 30 November
Congratulations to you all!
Lindsay Dixon - 26 years - 1 November
Don Lester - 39 years - 1 November
Ashwin Marfatia - 29 years - 1 November
Greg Cooke - 10 years - 10 November
Paul Desbrowe-Annear - 24 years
Well done everyone!
Wednesday 4 November
Board Meeting - ALL WELCOME
Wednesday 11 November
Judy Beasley - Indigenous Literacy Project
DG Phil Beasley - Official DG visit
Wednesday 18 November
Committee Meetings (organized by Directors)
Wednesday 25 November
Annual General Meeting
Guest speaker - Rotary Foundation
When life knocks you to your knees you are in the best position to pray.
Dear President, 
Keeping in touch across Clubs has never been so easy and a great opportunity for our Club members to attend each other's meetings. 
The Rotary Club of Geelong East club meeting is held every Tuesday at 7:00pm. If you or members of your Club would like to drop in on any of our meetings, please let me know so that we can share the Zoom link with you. 
Likewise I am sure some of our members would be only too happy to visit your Club.
We don't always have guest speakers and sometimes it's just us exchanging ideas, thoughts and highlights. Next week our Membership and PR Directors will be talking to us about what they are up to. 
To drop in could yet be another opportunity to exchange ideas!   
President 2020-2021
Rotary Club of Geelong East
November is Rotary Foundation Month and the second week is now called CENTURION WEEK. The Centurion program has been used as a method of supporting the Annual Program Fund. Through the principle of Every Rotarian Every Year, its operation involves $100 per head per annum.
Centurion contributions can be directed to Polio Plus or other focus areas, with all avenues accruing credits for PHF recognition.
It would be great if all interested members could make a real effort to grow the Centurion Program in our Club during Centurion Week or at some time this Rotary year.

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