Wednesday 26 February 2020
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It was on 23 February 1905 that Paul Harris and his friends met for the first meeting in Chicago of what we now know as Rotary. What a great organization it has become and how proud we should be to be members.
On Sunday Jenny and I represented the Club at East Geelong Rotary's 50th Birthday celebrations. It was a great time for renewing friendships and also hearing more of the Club history. Also heard that PP David Sykes is to be our new Assistant District Governor, taking over from Judy Beasley in July. Congratulations David!
Last Wednesday everyone enjoyed the opportunity to hear about Emily and Lachlan Carlyle's experiences teaching in the Northern Territory. They commented on the difficulties, remoteness, challenges and amazing experiences during the 6 years spent in 3 different communities. They also had an opportunity to explore the countryside to see the amazing bird and wildlife as well as learn much of the culture of the local people. Thank you both for giving up your time to assist our understanding of life in THE TERRITORY.
Next week we have Committee Meetings, and a Board Meeting. There will also be an opportunity to discuss any other matters which you may wish to raise. Please let me know of any concerns beforehand .
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Feb 26, 2020 6:00 PM
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DG Rosanne Kava

Purple House Donations. Rosanne has asked that we support Purple House (a dialysis service to indigenous communities in central Australia) with items to pass on to remote communities. If you have any toiletries etc to donate I would be happy to take them to Conference. Can we Help?
Family Friendly Club.  When Rosanne visited us last year she asked that the Club identify one thing that they could do better to make their Club more family friendly. To date we have not addressed this issue - Forum discussion this week?
This is to be held in Swan Hill from Friday 20 March to Sunday 22 March. There is an exciting program - visits to the Swan Hill Folk Museum and the light show, conference learning sessions, Saturday night dinner at Lake Boga and final discussions on the Sunday. It would be great to have some representation from Grovedale Waurn Ponds. Please give it some thought!  Click to register. You need to book before 13 March!
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