Wednesday 17 June 2020 
Meeting Number 2027
JUNE IS ROTARY FELLOWSHIPS MONTH    Do you know how many different ones there are?
All Rotary Meetings at Rice Village have been suspended indefinitely due to the COVID-19 virus. We hope to have news about returning there before the end of June!
Join us on ZOOM each week on Wednesday at 7pm. New ID = 820 1189 0824.
We need suggestions for interesting guest speakers and activities to incorporate into our weekly meetings. Any ideas to me PLEASE!
Blue Book  Please advise Secretary Peter of any changes to address, phone numbers or email address as soon as possible to allow for printing of the Club Directory for next year.
Ray's Raffle. Great to see how many tickets have been sold so far! Have you bought one or more? If not you are running out of time! Cost of a ticket - $10. If you wish to buy a ticket forward your money to the GWP Bendigo Bank Account: BSB 633 000 Account number 1088 10045 (or contact Ken) and your name will be placed on a raffle ticket for each entry. Proceeds will go to Club funds. Drawn at Changeover - Wednesday 8 July. Good luck!
The only decision made so far is the date - Wednesday 8 July 2020. The lifting of restrictions on venues and numbers will determine the venue and final format of the evening.
What a great night last week! It was great to have Erik join us. He appears to be very well and told us something of his experiences since returning to Germany almost a year ago. There were plenty of questions and tales of life during the pandemic. Very similar to here I think. He has exams shortly and then will be on summer holidays. Erik appears to have made some important decisions as to his future career path after his final year at school. It looks as though he will be involved in some aspect of engineering - probably agricultural - and then possibly to teaching. Terrific to see and talk to him again! What about all the other exchange students we have hosted? Can we organize a list of contacts and have them join us online?
Bob - had an angiogram last week which showed a blockage below the knee in a left leg artery. Will have a discussion with medicos this week to determine possible treatment options.
Pam - tries to go for a short walk each day. After chemo has been told rest and recuperation is the order of the day. 
Joe - still very active but missing last week.
Ray - terrific to see him on the screen for the trivia night wasn't it? No trip North this year?
Gary - wondering what they have to do to get somewhere other than last on the weekly trivia comp. Had all the family home together for the first time in 2 1/2 years recently - a great thrill and plenty of enjoyment.
     Tuesday 9 June - Valda Saddington   
     Monday 15 June - Jan Gillett
     Tuesday 16 June - Gary Clark
We wish you all a very happy birthday!
     Weddings   Devi and Bill Trengrove - 19 June - 39 years
                           Eva and Ash Marfatia - 28 June - 59 years
     Date joined Rotary   David Carlyle - 1 June - 31 years
                                            Phil Vernon - 12 June - 1 year (this time!)
                                            Chris Howard - 29 June - 9 years
                                            Bill Trengrove - 30 June - 16 years
Well done and best wishes to you all!
ANY NEWS? Happy to include any photos or items of interest in the Bulletin each week. Any good jokes?
Go online and you can find the program. Times are given although the time difference might deter some from participating!
As well as the normal sessions you can - stay active with the Rotary Walking Challenge
                                                                - explore the Virtual House of Friendship
                                                                - join Breakout Session
Next Wednesday 17 June at 7 pm.   NEW ID = 820 1189 0824  No Password required
Wednesday 24 June  -  From Lesley
Hi All,
During our Zoom meeting on Wednesday 24th June, Madu Bishnu from Calcutta will demonstrate the cooking of Payesh. 
If you are able to move your device into the kitchen, you can cook along with her - the recipe from Madu follows. Just do the shopping for ingredients ahead of time.
If your heritage is similar to mine, Payesh is simply a variation on what my Mum served me frequently - creamed rice! but we had it with whatever stewed fruit we had available.
Payesh Rice Pudding - a traditional Indian dessert enjoyed by most people and eaten during festivals and social occasions too. 
Recipe for 2 people
Time to prepare : 10 mins
Time to cook : 30 mins
Whole Milk -500 ml
Sugar - 2-3 Tbsp
Small grain rice or Basmati - 1/2 cup 
Bay Leaf - 1
Pistachios- 1 tsp chopped 
Cashew Nuts - 1 tsp chopped 
Raisins - 1 tsp chopped
Almonds - 1 tsp chopped 
In a bowl boil the milk in slow fire. Wash the rice and add. Keep stirring until the rice is cooked which would be 10-15 mins. Add sugar and keep stirring until sugar melts. Add bay leaf and stir once. Set aside and add chopped dry fruits. Cover. 
The Rice Pudding can be enjoyed both hot and cold. 
Hopefully some of you will be able to try Payesh either on the 24th or sometime soon.
Come and join us! Past members, friends and family are most welcome! Animals TOO?
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