Wednesday 4 March 2020
Meeting Number 2014 
The Club desperately needs your help! 
Gary would like more volunteers for the upcoming BBQs at Bunnings - next week, and 2 in April. It seems that members assume someone else will fill the spots on the roster, but if everyone helped we would only have to do one shift.
The program for the next 2 months needs to be filled. We have vacancies for guest speakers - do you have contacts with local groups which might be of interest to members and / or partners? 
Social activities for members and partners? Jordan asked last week if members were interested in barefoot bowling. Are there Clubs around Geelong who run such activities on a Wednesday night? What other things might we try? Talk to each other and come up with ideas please.
If you and / or your partner have any toiletries which could be donated for the Purple House Dialysis Project, please bring them along over the next few weeks and they can be taken to the District Conference.
David would appreciate it greatly if everyone could respond to his request re Committee memberships for next year and could complete the Voluntary Declaration Form and return it to him promptly. Some members need to update their Working with Children details too. As he mentioned in his email we all need to complete both forms for our own protection.
Club Program
Social Night - Rice Village - Dining Room
Mar 04, 2020 6:00 PM
Conference Report / Board Meeting
Mar 25, 2020 6:00 PM
Guest Speaker - Madhumita Bishnu - E Clubs / India
Apr 01, 2020 6:00 PM
AGFR Golf Tournament 19 - 24 April 2020 13th Beach
Apr 19, 2020 – Apr 24, 2020
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Lord, grant that I may always desire more than I can accomplish - Michelangelo

Bunnings BBQ Dates

Thursday 12 March
Saturday 4 April
Thursday 9 April
Thursday 14 May
Thursday 11 June

Please contact Gary Clark if you can help - we need volunteers to help

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Month
March on the Rotary Calendar is designated as Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Month. 
We hopefully will have the opportunity to hear more details of the proposed global grant project to provide water supplies to villages and schools in the Philippines through the Sky Hydrant equipment.
There may also be an opportunity to hear about the joint project organized by the Warrnambool and Geelong Rotary Clubs for clean water provision, education and health facilities in remote areas of Papua New Guinea. 
Since 2015 the Group have sunk 12 successful water bores and provided solar or hand pumps at ten different locations in Oro Province, providing clean water to over 10,000 PNG villagers and schools. They have also provided humanitarian aid materials, feminine hygiene products, teaching materials, books and sports equipment to remote schools.
This could be an opportunity for our Club to become involved in the future?


The 42nd Annual Golf Tournament is to be held at the 13th Beach Golf Course, Barwon Heads from 19 - 24 April 2020. All proceeds go to Australian Rotary Health Mental Health Research.

It is being hosted by Highton Rotary Club and supported by Belmont Rotary Club. As well as an opportunity to enjoy fellowship with other Rotarians partners and guests from all over Australia for a wonderful week of competition - there are individual and team events for golfers of many abilities! There are also activities for non-golfers too - tours of the Bellerine, Great Ocean Road and Geelong gardens and wineries.

Registration fees for Rotarian golfers, which include green fees, a welcome BBQ, lunch each day and Presentation Dinner, are $520 for 4 days golf.

For more information, program details and to register: 

Commonwealth DCSI $5,000,000 Rotary Grant
David Littleproud, Minister for Agriculture, Drought and Emergency Management, has recently announced that Rotary would receive a Drought Community Support Initiative [DCSI] $5,000,000 for cash grants to families impacted by the ongoing drought.
Rotary previously received $6,500,000 for cash grants, and using the chain of District Drought Relief Projects from FNQ through all states to SA, delivered 3,403 cash grants.
It will be this same Rotary network that will be used to deliver the $5,000,000 should we decide to accept the offer.
The attached media release is the only information we have at this stage, however, the implementation of the DCSI process previously followed was
·         Entering a legal contract with the Commonwealth for the distribution including grant guidelines, assessment procedures, and corporate governance including reporting and audit requirements
·         Consultation with the project managers of District Drought Relief projects to determine involvement and capacity to deliver.
·         Preparing distribution guidelines and grant assessment procedures for project managers
·         Establishing corporate governance systems
·         Meeting strict Commonwealth reporting requirements
The setup stage may take up to a month.
It would be my intent to publish regular setup updates of progress of delivering this $5,000,000, yet another demonstration of the power of Rotary within Australia.
Please ring me if you have any questions.
Mike Whitehouse
RAWCS National Treasurer
0448 710 882

DG Rosanne Kava

Purple House Donations. Rosanne has asked that we support Purple House (a dialysis service to indigenous communities in central Australia) with items to pass on to remote communities. If you have any toiletries etc to donate I would be happy to take them to Conference. Bring any items to the next few meetings. Can we Help?
Family Friendly Club.  When Rosanne visited us last year she asked that the Club identify one thing that they could do better to make their Club more family friendly. To date we have not addressed this issue. Any ideas?
This is to be held in Swan Hill from Friday 20 March to Sunday 22 March. There is an exciting program - visits to the Swan Hill Folk Museum and the light show, conference learning sessions, Saturday night dinner at Lake Boga and final discussions on the Sunday. It would be great to have some representation from Grovedale Waurn Ponds. Please give it some thought!  Click to register. You need to book before 13 March!
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Meeting Attendance:

Members - please respond to RICE VILLAGE OR Whoozin BY TUESDAY each week.