GOALS FOR 2015 – 2016
  1. Road Safety Program   The Committee discussed the request from Wayne Pecar regarding Club support for the RYDA program to be used in the Geelong area. We agreed to offer in principle agreement dependent on costs and acceptance from schools.
  2. International Youth Night   Following a suggestion from a member, the Committee would like to organize a night when inbound 2015 and outbound 2016 exchange students could socialize and our members could learn of their experiences and expectations. The proposed date is Wednesday 24th November if arrangements can be made.  
  3. Vocation   There has been difficulty in finding suitable venues which are able to offer after work hour visits. Possible to access a list from other Clubs via ADG.
  4. RYLA/RYPEN   Club has agreed to support both programs again this year. 2 names offered for RYLA already, following this year program.
  5. Academic/Achievement Awards   Awards will again be made to both Grovedale College and the Geelong Lutheran College. These are for both success in academic and general achievement, valued at $1000 for each school.
  6. National Youth Science Forum   Disappointing to learn that there were no suitable applicants from schools in our area. The Club has previously given support and is willing to do so again. Need for more contact with staff? Costs? Process?
  7. Mock Job Interviews   Members attended both Grovedale College (Year 9) and GLC (Year 11) to provide panels for mock job interviews. Over 130 students attended at GC and 35 at GLC.  Hopefully this contact will continue, as it is much appreciated by the schools involved.
  8. Science and Engineering Challenge – Deakin   Members have been encouraged to be involved in this program and the Club would be willing to assist financially if such a request was made by the District Committee.
  9. Mt Duneed School   Following a request from the School Council, the Club made a grant of $1000 towards the costs of ground improvements. Assistance has also been offered to other local schools.