1. RYLA   The Club has agreed to sponsor 2 participants to attend the program to be held at Peterborough from Sunday 3 April to Friday 8 April. Raphaelle Meikle-Stewart is a student at Deakin University and lives in Waurn Ponds. Keedan Hans is a 4th year apprentice electrician from Torquay. The cost of $560 per participant has been paid by the Club to the District Committee. Both will be invited to attend a meeting to meet members in March.
  1. RYPEN   There are two camps to be held this year from Friday 1 April to Sunday 3 April at Adekate Camp Creswick and Mount Gambier. We will attempt to arrange for students aged from 14 – 17 from both Grovedale College and Geelong Lutheran College to attend. If anyone has a possible participant please contact John.
VOCATIONAL SERVICE    Following on the very successful visit to the new Geelong Regional Library (thanks Leslie and Don for your efforts) we will be visiting Arthur Reed Photos in Marshalltown Road on Wednesday 17 February. After touring the facility we will meet back at Rice Village for dinner about 7 PM. Michael Reed is a member of Torquay Rotary and well known to most Club members at Grovedale