Let’s take a step back in time to 2009…

 In the battle of humanity vs polio, in India, polio was definitely winning. That year, more than 700 Indian children were paralysed by the virus – the most cases out of any country in the world. The country faced so many challenges that some thought it would be the last place on Earth where polio would be stopped.
But this weekend India passed two years without a single case!

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The removal of India from the list of polio-endemic countries in 2012 was the cherry on top of an amazing year. Angola stopped the disease for the first time since it was reinfected more than seven years ago, the Democratic Republic of the Congo similarly stamped out its reignited transmission...
And we saw the fewest polio cases in the fewest districts in the fewest countries in history!
But this progress is fragile. Last year's funding shortfall caused vaccination campaigns to be scaled back or cancelled – and as a result we've seen polio spread from Nigeria to cause a case in Niger. With the end of polio within our grasp, we cannot let a lack of political will stop us from creating a polio-free future for all the world's children.

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Michael, Lauren and the rest of the team at The End of Polio campaign.