RYDA Geelong Pilot Program
Thank you all for your clubs’ interest and support. RYDA is definitely happening!
1.About RYDA
RYDA (Rotary Young Driver Awareness) is a road safety education program for 17-18 year old students. The program was initiated by Rotary members in the northern suburbs of Sydney 14 years ago in response to the high number of young people killed and injured on our roads each year. Since then well over 400 000 students have participated in the program in Australia and New Zealand.
Not-for-profit organisation Road Safety Education (RSE) provides the program content.
In metropolitan areas RYDA programs are run by RSE with the help of Rotary volunteers. In regional areas, local Rotary clubs organise the entire program using RSE materials.
2.Why RYDA is different to the government programs? Is it worth it?
The government road safety education program Fit2Drive is a half day in school program for year 11 students and covers some of the same areas as RYDA including responsibilities, distractions, strategies to avoid peer pressure etc.
RYDA is a one day school excursion made up of 6 interactive sessions: Speed & Stopping, Hazards & Distractions, The Personality Test, Rights & Responsibilities, After the Crash and Genevieve’s Story.
RYDA has more impact on students:
  • It is run outside the school.
  • Practical driving demonstrations of stopping distances – seeing a car stop (and hit a “pedestrian”) is much more effective than being told facts and figures.
  • Genevieve’s Story – the impact on family, friends and community of a road death.
  • Hearing a crash survivor talk about the impact on their life.
Having seen RYDA in action and being the parent of 3 young drivers, this is a program I would have liked to have been available to my 2 older children and I would like it to be available to my last learner driver.
3.RYDA Geelong
  • The date has been pushed back from Monday June 6 to Thursday August 4 or 11 to give us time to finalise funding and also to invite potential facilitators and sponsors to attend.
  • All secondary schools have been contacted, 9 have expressed interest and 6 have replied with firm numbers of students they would like to bring:
  • Geelong Lutheran College                         22
  • St Josephs College                                       34                                          
  • Clonard College                                           15                                          
  • Bellarine Secondary College                      21 + Year 11 cohort if successful
  • North Geelong Secondary College           24
  • Thomas Carr College Tarneit                    15                                                          Total 131
  • When the date and cost have been finalised we will again contact the other schools.
  • RYDA will cost approximately $3600. This initial program is more costly than usual as presenters are travelling from Melbourne. In the future it is hoped that the program will be almost self-supporting.
  • A grant for $2000 has been applied for from the COGG. We will hear the outcome at the end of May.
  • Sponsorship has been sought from several Geelong businesses and organisations which advertise their support of community programs, and also the TAC. We have not had any success as yet. However, we are still awaiting some replies and will seek further sponsors prior to the first program.
  • Several Rotary Clubs have indicated they will support RYDA if necessary.
    • Corio Bay, Drysdale, Geelong West, Grovedale, Lara and Torquay $200 each, Queenscliffe $200 - $500 if needed, Geelong $500.
    • Total of $1900 - $2200. Thank you!
  • Our aim is for sponsorships and donations to total a minimum of $2600 to keep student fees to $10.
4.How you can help this year       
  • Money of course.
  • A volunteer from each club to help on the day and have a look at the program.
  • Potential ongoing sponsors – if you have any contacts please let us know.
  • Local facilitators – driving instructors, teachers, youth workers, emergency services personnel etc. If you know of anyone who might be interested please let us know.
5.Next Year
  • Committee members – thanks Adrian Schmidt from Ocean Grove and Russell Campbell from Corio Bay who have already volunteered to be school liason (sorry I forgot to mention you at the meeting!!).
  • Develop ongoing sponsorship partnerships
  • Local facilitators
  • Equipment – laptops & projection equipment, safety bollards & cones (to borrow or purchase)
Karen & Wayne Pecar
RYDA Committee