Community Service- Lindsay Dixon.

  Attended by Lindsay Dixon. Peter Codd, and Sandy Kee.
We discussed the donation to the homeless team which visited our meeting earlier and recommended the donation of a deepfreeze unit, which was asked for by  the speaker’ The board may seem fit to donate other moneys if so desired. Other discussions were around continuing the leftovers from the previous year that were not completed.


Fundraising - Paul D.

We mainly spoke about the dinner auction as this is our major fundraiser and that  we all need to get our tables and sponsors in and get numbers to Paul as soon as possible. 

Remember Friday 9th of October 2015. Capri Reception Centre. 

Paul has 4 entertainment books left this week is last chance to snap one up.


Youth and Vocation- John McGibbon and Vicky McKenzie.


GOALS FOR 2015 – 2016
  1. Road Safety Program   The Committee discussed the request from Wayne Pecar regarding Club support for the RYDA program to be used in the Geelong area. We agreed to offer in principle agreement dependent on costs and acceptance from schools.
  2. International Youth Night   Following a suggestion from a member, the Committee would like to organize a night when inbound 2015 and outbound 2016 exchange students could socialize and our members could learn of their experiences and expectations. The proposed date is Wednesday 24th November if arrangements can be made.  
  3. Vocation.There has been difficulty in finding suitable venues which are able to offer after work hour visits. Possible to access a list from other Clubs via ADG.
  4. RYLA. Club has agreed to support both programs again this year. 2 names offered for RYLA already, following this year program.
  5. Academic/Achievement Awards   Awards will again be made to both Grovedale College and the Geelong Lutheran College. These are for both success in academic and general achievement, valued at $1000 for each school.
  6. National Youth Science Forum   Disappointing to learn that there were no suitable applicants from schools in our area. The Club has previously given support and is willing to do so again. Need for more contact with staff? Costs? Process?
  7. Mock Job Interviews   Members attended both Grovedale College (Year 9) and GLC (Year 11) to provide panels for mock job interviews. Over 130 students attended at GC and 35 at GLC.  Hopefully this contact will continue, as it is much appreciated by the schools involved.
  8. Science and Engineering Challenge – Deakin   Members have been encouraged to be involved in this program and the Club would be willing to assist financially if such a request was made by the District Committee.
  9. Mt Duneed School   Following a request from the School Council, the Club made a grant of $1000 towards the costs of ground improvements. Assistance has  
  10. also been offered to other local schools.
Membership-Christine Howard.

The Club must now face into the strong head wind of reality and address membership with a sense of urgency our club will face extinction. In five years time there will be only three of our present members still working.

- $500 district grant to be used for printing new flyers

- Joe has investigated cost of reply paid envelopes however flyer drop to date has not been successful.

- our greatest opportunity to grow our numbers is through our existing membership with each member to bring one guest over the year with a view to onboard

- corporate membership to be investigated further with view of boarding one new business each quarter

- local schools we have supported along with Kardinia College to be approached to publish promotional article and seeking new members appeal.

- regular supporters of our dinner auction through donations also to be approached 're interest in membership

- membership must be given priority moving forward.


Rotary Foundation Pam Hook.

2014 -15:

Club members continued to give generously to Rotary Foundation through The Centurion Program, each member contributing $100 via weekly meetings. Further funds have also been raised at regular Aldi BBQ's throughout the year from donations from passing public and customers.

Additional contributions have been made by individual Club members and some fines sessions designated specifically for Foundation.


The major project for the past year was the introduction of a 'Gifting Program',  with work being done to identify and address the various components of the scheme in order to formulate it for public presentation.

This program works by individuals making a donation to Rotary Foundation on behalf of another person instead of giving a traditional gift.  The recipient then receives a card from the Club indicating this donation has been made in place of the usual 'concrete' gift.  Although obviously used for Christmas gifts, it is envisaged that its use will extend to gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or as remembrances of people who have died, instead of flowers.  The system has been used on a trial basis within our club throughout the year, with individual members and the Club making such donations on behalf of those who have been married and to the families of those who have died from amongst us, in addition to some use of the program between members last Christmas.

The Board has allocated funds for the design and printing of leaflets so that the Gifting Program  can be advertised in the community shortly, and in time to take advantage of the coming Christmas gift giving season for its implementation.  Consultations with the printer are in progress at present. 

2015 - 16:

The Gifting Program will initially operate from our Club but efforts will be made to encourage other Clubs to adopt the program, as we see potential for success at District level. 

Later in the year it is intended to investigate the possibility of initiating a 

Workplace Giving Scheme, seeking to encourage regular donations to Rotary Foundation from employees at some of Geelong's many businesses, through employee payrolls.  This is seen as a possible source of reliable and continuous donations to Rotary Foundation as well as helping to raise Rotary's profile in the community and awareness of the organization's operation.


International- Jan Gillett.


The overall expenditure of the International Committee on projects, donations and purchases was $10,620 in the 2014-15 year. The committee aimed to support a variety of charities and projects.
The main project for the year was to provide a permanent water supply at the Shree Janasewa Sanskrit Higher Secondary School in Huwas village Nepal. To achieve this we partnered with the Rotary clubs of Pokhara Fishtail (Nepal) and Highton and were successful in obtaining a Global Grant. Our contribution to this was $4,400. The project is currently on track to be completed after the current wet season. A small number of our club are planning to visit the school after the completion of the project. They will be hosted by the members of the Rotary club of Pokhara Fishtail. Our visit has been postponed due to the devastating effects of the recent earthquake.
As a result of our close association with the Rotary Club of Pokhara Fishtail, we donated $2,000 to assist with the repairing the earthquake damage of the Shree Janasewa Sanskrit HSC. The money was also used to provide clothing and school equipment for the students affected by the earthquake.
The Days for Girls program supported by the Torquay Salvation Army, was given $1,000 to purchase much needed sewing machines to increase their output of reusable sanitary packs. These are distributed in Fiji, Cambodia, Vietnam and Nepal.
The club donated $1,200 to purchase a Shelterbox. We have supported this project on a regular basis.
We donated the cost of an Aquabox 30, which is $750.
The club gave the sum of $700 to support the work of RAWCS.
In total, the club supported these international projects to the sum of $10,620.
International Committee Goals for 2015-16
Our first priority is to make sure that our Water Project in Nepal stays on track and is completed in the required time. It is proceeding as scheduled despite some issues related to the recent earthquake.
We are considering a variety of worthy projects that we could support, but will be doing further research into some of these and considering the budget that may soon be allocated to all areas of service.
The possible areas that we may support are:A Micro-Loan Scheme run by the Rotary club of Pokhara Fishtail Nepal. This scheme extends financial services to the poor and disadvantaged not reached by the formal financial sector. These are small interest free loans.
  • Another project proposed by Binod Koirala (from the Rotary Club of Pokhara Fishtail) for assistance in Nepal.
  • Hearts to Harmony Foundation in Siem Reap Cambodia, run by two girls from Geelong.
  • Quick response to an overseas disaster that may occur.