ROTARY 2016          BULLETIN 9    SEPT 14TH
          A great pleasure to induct Gary Clark and formally meet his wife Joan, I hope you will both enjoy Rotary as much as I have. We are all certain your joining our club will be great for everyone.
          Thank you to Julie Giles from Diversitat for your interesting and enlightening presentation. The ladies who have recently arrived here from many different and diverse backgrounds, many with deep emotional scars, must appreciate the outlet you provide more than you will ever know. 
          Congratulations to all those PHF awardees, fourteen (USD v AUD) years is a long commitment for anyone to maintain. And to Ken for recognition of his very valued and lengthy commitment as Treasurer to the Club 
           Joe (Peppino) Cordone raised a very important issue during the report part of the meeting. Do we want to continue having the first week of every month off or do we want to return to the original every week meeting cycle with a more casual format?
Those who read the Bulletin will be aware this matter was discussed at the last Board meeting and it was decided to put the matter to the members.
OCTOBER 5TH IS THE FIRST AVAILABLE TIME TO DISCUSS THIS VERY IMPORTANT MATTER. You will be asked to vote after people wishing to speak have done so on the night. Further details next bulletin.
          Next Wednesday is Affordable Tyres, 6PM opposite the Motor Registration Branch in Fyans St. and then dinner at Little Creatures. 
          Wednesday 28th is a PARTNERS night when Jim Baker will speak about his time in charge of fuel supply in Afghanistan, YOUR CHANCE TO HEAR SOME FACTS. He has told me about some of the events, incredible and horrifying.