Meeting 9th December, 2015
Our Christmas Dinner last night was a wonderful event and thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. The Geelong Boathouse was pleasant – spacious, not noisy and we had sole use of the facility. The weather was perfect and during daylight we watched dozens of yachts sailing around the bay and after dark we were able to watch our spectacular Christmas tree. The food was great. Thank you to Jan who organised the venue, selected the meals and packaged the bikkies to have with tea and coffee.
It was great to have Ron& Carol Arthur, Ian & Erika Baker in attendance and a number of special guests – Colin and Sharyn Beel, Robert and Helen Palmer, Keith and Mary Laugharne, Judy Stevenson and Thelma Steer.
The sad news from Graeme S was that Sandy had had a fall and is in the Alfred Hospital. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers, and we wish him a full recovery. Best wishes to Christine also, as she cares for Sandy over the next few weeks.
Thank you to John McGibbon who represented the Club at the St John’s Lutheran School awards day and made presentations to the value of $1200. Next Wednesday (16th ) Bob Arnup will make presentations of $1000 in awards at Grovedale SC. Prior to that he will attend a briefing at Bunnings re their BBQ’s. Thank you Bob, it will be a busy night for you.
Ken and I were guests at the Grovedale/Marshall Probus Club Christmas lunch today. The Club is thriving and had recruited an additional 7 members this month. Although our formal association with them will now cease, we will keep in contact. Many of their members are so grateful that we chartered the Club as it has broadened their social life significantly.
Next Wednesday, we look forward to hearing Bella’s presentation which she will take to Germany.
And our final Aldi BBQ is on the 19th Dec. The roster is circulating, so if you can help please email Bob ASAP. Please note, we now require a server and cashier in the 9.30-11 time slot.
Remember: Set Sail for Geelong - District Conference registrations are now open. Being in Geelong, no accommodation needed and it would be great to have the club well represented.
Costs: Full Conference $245        Full Saturday $195            Full Sun $70
Fri night only $40              Sat Dinner only $75.
Have a good weeksmiley