The overall expenditure of the International Committee on projects, donations and purchases was $10,620 in the 2014-15 year. The committee aimed to support a variety of charities and projects.
The main project for the year was to provide a permanent water supply at the Shree Janasewa Sanskrit Higher Secondary School in Huwas village Nepal. To achieve this we partnered with the Rotary clubs of Pokhara Fishtail (Nepal) and Highton and were successful in obtaining a Global Grant. Our contribution to this was $4,400. The project is currently on track to be completed after the current wet season. A small number of our club are planning to visit the school after the completion of the project. They will be hosted by the members of the Rotary club of Pokhara Fishtail. Our visit has been postponed due to the devastating effects of the recent earthquake.
As a result of our close association with the Rotary Club of Pokhara Fishtail, we donated $2,000 to assist with the repairing the earthquake damage of the Shree Janasewa Sanskrit HSC. The money was also used to provide clothing and school equipment for the students affected by the earthquake.
The Days for Girls program supported by the Torquay Salvation Army, was given $1,000 to purchase much needed sewing machines to increase their output of reusable sanitary packs. These are distributed in Fiji, Cambodia, Vietnam and Nepal.
The club donated $1,200 to purchase a Shelterbox. We have supported this project on a regular basis.
We donated the cost of an Aquabox 30, which is $750.
The club gave the sum of $700 to support the work of RAWCS.
In total, the club supported these international projects to the sum of $10,620.
International Committee Goals for 2015-16
Our first priority is to make sure that our Water Project in Nepal stays on track and is completed in the required time. It is proceeding as scheduled despite some issues related to the recent earthquake.
We are considering a variety of worthy projects that we could support, but will be doing further research into some of these and considering the budget that may soon be allocated to all areas of service.
The possible areas that we may support are:
  • A Micro-Loan Scheme run by the Rotary club of Pokhara Fishtail Nepal. This scheme extends financial services to the poor and disadvantaged not reached by the formal financial sector. These are small interest free loans.
  • Another project proposed by Binod Koirala (from the Rotary Club of Pokhara Fishtail) for assistance in Nepal.
  • Hearts to Harmony Foundation in Siem Reap Cambodia, run by two girls from Geelong.
  • Interplast
  • Shelterbox
  • Aquabox
  • Quick response to an overseas disaster that may occur.