Directors Report – Community Services:                                      14/3/18
Present: Paul Desbrowe-Annear – Acting Director, Graham Perkins, Dawn Renfrey.
As most of the committee were not present at the assembly it was hard to know what had been discussed at previous meetings, but some input advised that the committee is in action on a tree planting project, with this info on where and when to be advised.
Paul with the consent of Ineke Thornton -Director, has approached the developers of the new Wandana subdivision (next to Ceres lookout at the top of Barrabool Rd) to keep Drewan park as a Rotary park when it is redeveloped.
Drewan park was a combined project of 3 Rotary clubs, Grovedale, Highton and Belmont, we are yet to get a reply from the developer. Paul will advise as soon as he hears from them.
Fundraising Report                                                                             14/3/18
Present: Director Bob Arnup and Paul Desbrowe-Annear          
Fundraising all going well.
We have had a few BBQ’s lately at both Bunnings and Aldi Grovedale with good profit coming in for our efforts.
Bob has just been to another Bunnings meeting where we received 3 more BBQ dates over the next few months.
Bar is running well with Mick doing a great job.
Remainder of Committee reports to be submitted.