BBQ Sign - from the last BBQ at Bunnings we now have a sign asking for new members to join us
Advert in the Armstrong Creek News is to be pursued. In the editorial the activities in the Annual Report can be listed. The advert to have a catch phrase that attracts attention. Mention of support given to both Lutheran and Grove Colleges. Seek approval from the Board to finance the advert cost of $330.
Discussion of the current situation re the Foundation 61 project. Hopeful that planning permits (so far costing over $140K) will be issued shortly. 
Garden beds project at Opal South Valley - need for some landscaping and/or paving to be done before second bed can be placed in position and filled. Hopefully this will be completed before spring planting is possible.
Cheryle has suggested that the Club investigate a project which has been developed to reduce pollution in the bays and oceans. More details to come. 
Mock job interviews are to be conducted at Grovedale College early in September. Members are asked to indicate their availability to Jordan .
The Board will again be asked to finance the end of year awards to students at both Geelong Lutheran College and Grovedale College (approximately $2000).
Discussion took place on the support given to RYLA, and the need to find time to hear Daniel Koneski's report from his experience this year in April.
The 3 members in attendance agreed that  donations to Shelterbox and Aquabox be considered. 
The next Geelong Rotaries International Group (GRIG) meeting was rescheduled to August 1st. As both Lesley and Leon will be away, Jan will endeavor to represent the Club. We remain committed to the goal of supporting a Global Grant  if the group can find a suitable major project. Lesley will maintain contact with Binod (RC of Pokhara-Fishtail) to see if they are considering large project requiring a Global Grant.
An email had been received from Kathy Ryan (Corio Bay RC) thanking us for supporting Romain Mirindi's school project in the Congo and informing us that they had been successful in getting a District Grant for that project.