Barwon Valley Aquatic Learning Centre

The Hydrotherapy pool project is now completed with our final working bee being the Gardens at the rear and car park side of the centre.


The Rotary Club of Grovedale has contributed  $62,000 in cash, and helped get the Government Grant of $1.4 Million to make the reality of the project happen.  We as a Club took this project on as a 4 year fundraiser and it has been completed within our expected time frame.

This working project has been the largest ever taken on by our club and although we had our sceptics as to our ability to firstly get something happening, and then stay with it till completion, we have done that and may I thank everyone who has helped and any way, to make this project come to fruition and be able to have the students at the school have the support they so desperately need to see them progress with their rehabilitation and set them on track towards a more comfortable lifestyle.

The official opening will be early 2014 to coincide with other ground improvements on site and the availability of Government Ministers to attend.

We have been given approval to install our Rotary Logo’s on the front and inside of the building